Creating a profile account on Rhemalog is as simple as ABC.

All you need is a stable access to the internet and about 2 minutes of your time.


  1. Open up a web browser of your choice and type-in
  2. Once our landing page appears, click on any of the 2 Signup buttons as shown below:
  3. Either of these links would take you to the account registration form:
  4. Fill in your details and be sure to supply the required information like your email address, password, full names and account username.
  5. Once you are done, simply click on the “Create an Account” Button.
  6. Thats is it! You now have account on Rhemalog!!!
  7. But wait. An admin will still need to confirm this registration and approve it. We promise it wont take too long. This is just a measure we are putting in place to ensure that the purpose of the platform is protected and preserved.


  • Ensure you use your real details.
  • While choosing a username, nicknames are allowed as long as they are a variation on your real name (Tom instead of Thomas, for example).
  • Also you MUST not register a username which is a mockery of God/Christ or if it uses the Lord’s name in vain or if it is deemed offensive by the moderators. See our Rules of Engagement for more details on this.