Video creation allows the members of the community to create, share and post videos on the Home page for other members to watch and leave comments.

To create videos, there are different ways.

Follow the steps below to choose a desired option.

Option One:

Go to the Home page, click on the “post something” column.

Select the add videos option. Choose a video source and paste the url for the video.

Lastly, click on the attach button.

Option Two:

On the Home page, click on the Videos icon.

At the right side, there is a “post new video” icon, you can either click on it or click on the “post new video” icon downwards.

Under Video source, choose either of the options.

Under Video title, give the video a title.

Tags allows you to give the video keywords, and remember to separate with a comma.

Give the video a description.

Under Category, select any option you prefer.

Privacy option allows you to choose who can view the video.

Comment privacy option allows you to choose who can comment on the video.

Lastly, select the share button.




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