Group creation allows people to have their own space. It enables them to discuss topics, share ideas and opinions relating to the group theme. They create their own rules and regulations.

To create a group on Rhemalog community, follow the steps below;

Step One:

Click on the Group menu icon, select create new group.

Step Two:

Under Group name option, give your group a name.

Step Three:

Under description, give details on what your group entails.

Step Four:

Choose a profile photo that fits your group.

Step Five:

Select the category you prefer under the category options.

Step Six:

If you want your group to appear under Google search results or not, choose an option you prefer.

Step Seven:

Allow your members to invite other members of the community or restrict them under the invite options.

Step Eight:

Allow the immediate or delayed approval of members under the approval options.

Step Nine:

Select the networks you would prefer in your group.

Step Ten:

Select who can view your posts under the view privacy options.

Step Eleven:

Select who can post comments on under the comment privacy options.

Step Twelve:

Select who can upload photo contents on your group wall under the photo upload options.

Step Thirteen:

Select who can create events on your group wall under event creation options.

Step Fourteen:

Select who can create blog contents on your group wall under blog creation options.

Step Fifteen:

Select who can create polls on your group wall.

Step Sixteen:

Select who can create video contents on your group wall.

Step Seventeen:

Click on the save changes button to create your group or the cancel button to decline.

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